Welding & Fabrication Shop

Tri-State Engineering of Maryland has the resources and commitment to satisfy our customer’s expectations at a price that combines value with expediency and quality. First class quality ARC-TIG-MIG welding capabilities are available on site or in our shop. A complete sheet metal fabrication shop includes heavy-duty breaks, shear and roll.

Stainless Steel Blower

Stainless Steel Rudder

Customized stainless steel blower Customized stainless steel rudder

This blower made from stainless steel is used to remove heat during production.

Andy West stands by a rudder he fabricated from stainless steel.

Our hydraulic shop can repair small to 20 ft. long cylinders, hydraulic pumps & motors. Hydraulic cylinders honing, replacement of seals and rings, manufacturing of custom hydraulic cylinders is possible. A stock of seals and chrome-plated shafting is maintained. Power take off (PTO), hydraulic pump and motors are sold as well as hydraulic hose assembly - custom ordered as per size and length.